A downloadable game for Windows, macOS, and Linux

Tech Store Simulator Is A Very Small 2D Tycoon Game, Which Was Made Within 2 Days, All You Do Is Earn Money By Managing The Tech Store, But This Is Just A Prototype To See If That's A Good Idea, Soooo..... It's Not A Full Product

This Game Was Made For LowSpec Game Jam

Install instructions

How To Download:

1. Download

2. Press Application And Have Fun!


Tech Store Simulator.exe 2 MB


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Trying out the game, I would say that it was pretty interesting. However the gameplay and content was not enough to make me interested. The grammar also had minor mistakes too. On the other hand, the concept was interesting. If the game would have more content and gameplay options it would be much more fun. Its a good game to atleast try. Thanks so much and keep up the good work!

Dear MasonJason, Thanks For Liking The Concept. Also, I'm Sorry For The Bad Grammar And The Bad Gameplay. I'm New To Game Developing And I'm Still Learning How To Code, But Glad You Liked It! :)